Payment made but the order tracking status is unchanged:

Why has the status of my order not changed even though my order has been paid?

We remain in regular communication with our warehouse, our transport partners or our manufacturers to reduce the indicated delivery times as much as possible. We are always in contact with the manufacturers so that we can view the current delivery status at any time, so check the delivery status on YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT in the "My orders" section.

If 4 days after placing an order, the status is still shown as "Processing", please contact us so that we can verify the issue of your payment.


1 / How is the reimbursement made?

We generally adapt the reimbursement method identical to the payment method used when ordering. The refund deadline is 14 days maximum, if the deadline is exceeded without receiving a refund, or if you receive an incorrect refund please contact us. (for incorrect refunds, please provide your order number and add a brief description of the error so that the problem can be resolved)

2 / Does the VAT appear separately on the invoice?


We send you a delivery note / invoice for each delivery made.

VAT is shown separately on the invoice.

If you need an additional invoice, please send us a message

Modification of the delivery or billing address:

1 / Modify the billing address:

From a tax point of view, there are no existing orders. If you still want to change your billing address, please cancel your order and go to our online store to indicate the desired billing address.

From a tax point of view, it is not possible to change the billing address for existing orders. If you still want to change your billing address, please cancel your order and go to our online store to place a new order, indicating the desired billing address.

2 / Change the delivery address:

Unfortunately, you will not have access to a change in the delivery address, if the status of your order has already been dispatched, because it will be too late.

For orders paid by credit card, we cannot accept requests to change the delivery address for these orders. The risks associated with this modification are too great.

If you still wish to change the delivery address, simply cancel the order to reorder the item at the desired delivery address.

Missing / incorrect invoice or credit note:

1 / Why haven't I received the invoice yet?

Sending an invoice by email to your email address will be done after the order has been delivered, so it is not included in your delivery.

If after 7 days, from the delivery, you have not received your invoice, and you have verified that it is not in your spam folder, you can, in this case, send us a message by clicking on the button below.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect invoice?

When you receive an incorrect invoice, please send us a message mentioning the error and your order and invoice numbers. Click the button below.

We inform you that "we are not able to change an existing invoice". Then we will send you a corresponding credit note.

Why haven't I received the invoice yet?

You receive a credit note in case of return, exchange or delivery, this note will be usable only after the warehouse has acknowledged receipt of your returned items.

If you have not received the credit note, after a period of 10 days since sending your returned or exchanged items, please send us a message by clicking on the button below

Payment methods:

1 / Method of payment by credit card:

You can pay your order simply and securely by credit card. MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted.

We inform you that Alvolis adopts a 3DSecure authentication system (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified By Visa). in order to meet the high security criteria during your online purchase at the time of payment and before validation of the order. In addition, your personal and bank details will be treated in a strict and confidential manner.

2 / Payment by bank transfer:

please transfer the amount corresponding to the order you wish to pay to our bank account.

Here are our bank details:

Account owner :


IBAN GB: GB93 TRWI 2314 7052 7814 65

IBAN EU: BE55 9671 6284 1744

When making the transfer, please indicate your order reference and the 9 characters sent to you by e-mail to your e-mail address. Also remember to always pay for each of your orders separately,

When you make the transfer, please note that the amount is immediately debited from your account, but it takes between 1 to 3 days before it is cashed. Upon receipt of payment, we will ship your order within the timeframe indicated at the time of purchase.

3 / Modify the payment method

Currently, for technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to change the payment method for an order that has already been finalized.

If you still wish to change your payment method, please cancel your order and go to our online store to place a new order by selecting the desired payment method.

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