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Pendant lamp, Scandinavian style white color metal and wood Pendant lamp, Scandinavian style white color metal and wood 2
We present this beautiful hanging lamp in white color, ideal for your modern or classic style ! Very stylish design Scandinavian style with its detailed seductive will be able to bring your interior is great !Made excellent metal and wood first choice ! So don't hesitate to brighten up your room with this charming lamp at the best price !
Modern pendant colors-gold and black metal Modern pendant colors-gold and black metal 2
Beautifully adorn your interior with this beautiful pendant color-gold and white ! Very stylish and eye-catching thanks to its fashionable design, made entirely of high quality metal ! Pendants, luxury, low price, good for you !
Pendant light modern 8-shades, Multi-color Pendant light modern 8-shades, Multi-color 2
To add the decoration is very fashionable and outstanding of your stay, we bring you this excellent pendant lamp Multi-color ! Consists of 8 shades, is a well linen and high quality metal finish learning ! It will make your room light, seductive and exquisite appearance, it is with an incredible price !
Pendant lamp design 70 cm, color black and gold fiberglass Pendant lamp design 70 cm, color black and gold fiberglass 2
The lamp is attractive will be better for your interior modern or classic style ! Beautifully made of fiberglass the first choice of the colors black and gold with excellent finishing ! She will know to make the room a touch of ultra fashionable and elegant ! Emergency lamp at the best price !
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To illuminate your interior and improve the building, we came up with pendants and chandeliers for various structures. When some suspensions play a card of the present, favorable others revisit classic chandelier with pendants. In addition, our entire collection of pendants and chandeliers have been thought how to combine originality and modern trends, and brightness.

The design of the chandelier : glamorous lens and subtle curves

Taking codes, crystal chandelier, pendants with pendants are made now in white and black. Has not lost its glitz and glamour, chandeliers, design, accept, usually in the interiors with high ceilings and massive furniture. Depending on the number of branches chandelier with pendants throne elegantly in the living room or in the dining room with her button Royale. Always in the same style, ceiling light andara unfolds against him rhinestone, transparent and shiny.

Pendants : for industrial and modern

Gross, patinated or painted, the metal plays all the styles, decorations and especially the most modern. Used in suspension design, metal can blend well to all types of modern interiors and enhance. For lovers of industrial style hanging lights in black, decorated in the bell, more or less rounded. Lamp industrial cage yourself regarding her line more or less slender color black, gold and gray iron.

For model metal pendant modern design, visualize, chrome, gold and copper are the creations for less than the original. When the trend of minimalism is inspiring, of course, bubble design, Baroque forms are expressed in templates, design and sun. In the same collection colors and made from metal bunk beds meet. This, as well as lights for modern lines represent the boundary of Golden color, black or white patinated.


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